DM 15th Anniversary: Brad Ascalon Spills the Milk

Happy birthday to us! Our 15th anniversary celebration is underway! Stay tuned for more special 15th anniversary content and fun surprises as our celebration continues!

As we look back on Design Milk’s first 15 years, there are some designers who can’t help but stand out. Not only for the creations and successes we’ve tracked throughout their careers, but also for the roles they’ve played in our own. One of those names belongs to Brad Ascalon.

“If you were a young designer coming up at the start of the design blog sensation in the early 2000s, you knew of all of them. And, like me, you probably hounded them all trying to get your work seen by global eyes for the first time. I imagine I probably emailed Jaime to death until she caved in and starting sharing my work with all of DM’s followers,” he quipped.

Ascalon’s own … Read the rest

F5: Revisiting Joy Cho + Bringing Happiness Into the Everyday

Happy birthday to us! Our 15th anniversary celebration is underway! Stay tuned for more special 15th anniversary content and fun surprises as our celebration continues!

Joy Cho

Photo: Lily Glass for Oh Joy!

Joy Cho is the founder and creative director of Oh Joy!, a lifestyle brand that first launched as a graphic design studio in 2005. Today she’s focused on bringing happiness into the everyday through licensed product lines and editorial content that covers design, fashion, food and the joyful moments in life.

Oh Joy! creates a wide range of licensed products, including home decor, kids, pet and furniture collections, with brands such as Target, Band-Aid, Calpak, Petco, Keds and more. Joy has authored six books and consulted for hundreds of creative businesses around the world. She’s also given keynote speeches on entrepreneurship, leadership and business at many conferences and companies including Alt Summit, Pinterest, Target and Hallmark. Named one Read the rest

Wellness Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces

After a long hard winter, it’s finally outdoor season! More daylight hours mean enjoying evening gatherings outside with friends and family. Entertaining is easy and relaxed. If you have your own porch, deck, balcony, yard or patio, these are the ideal months to enjoy being outside at home.

covered porch with chairs

A covered porch with comfortable chairs welcomes neighborly gatherings. Photo courtesy of Deckorators // Wellness by Design (Tiller Press, 2020, © J. Gold)

Maybe your outdoor living area could use some enhancements, and the money you didn’t spend on vacationing last year is going to an improvement project this year. That can have great returns for your well-being and your wallet; outdoor improvements have the potential to increase the value of your property and definitely your enjoyment of it in the meantime.

Nature Connection

“Spending time in nature has many benefits,” shared Folsom, California-based psychologist Forrest Talley, Ph.D. in Wellness by DesignRead the rest

How to utilize the dead space in a closet

Hey there! Now that the garage is all decluttered and organized, I’ve been focusing more on the changes in our mud/laundry room again. 
I shared my plan for adding a ton more storage and other changes to make this room work even better for us a couple weeks ago. I’m so excited about these changes! They’ve already made a BIG difference in here. 
I’ve moved things around a bunch — including moving some things from the garage that just work better inside. I’ll show you all of that soon! This week I’ve been focusing on the closet we have in here: 
My dream was always to have a big closet in our mud room! When I saw how big this laundry/mud combo was going to be, I knew we’d have plenty of room for a closet. My favorite part is the OUTLET I had put inside. Game changer. 
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An Algorithm Transforms Images Into Sound-Absorbing Wall Art

We’ve seen digital artists and programmers develop methods allowing anyone to convert images into sound before. Scanlines is a new algorithmic system developed by Turf Design that takes the concept to another level, one that adds a tactile element, translating any image into sound-absorbing PET felt panels rendered as dimensional wall art.

The secret sauce is TURF’s proprietary algorithm, a system programmed to measure the intensity of color shades within an image and convert it into a quantified degree of depth that is then in turn used to cut TURF’s acoustic PET felt to different depths. As its name implies, the resulting panel art exhibits an aesthetic reminiscent of the scan lines of a cathode ray tube (CRT) television programming – a two dimensional panel rendered with line-by-line dimensionality.

Aimed at designers and architects, TURF offers Scanlines in any combination of 9mm and 3mm PET felt board material, with 30

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Delicious strawberry pretzel dessert recipe

It’s strawberry season! This crunchy and sweet strawberry dessert is a hit EVERY time I make it! It’s one of my favorite desserts ever. I’m not a big cook so when I share something here you know it’s going to be good and easy. This is so yummy! It’s a perfect combination of sweet and salty, my favorite. 

A friend of mine used to make this every time we got together and it got to the point where I would request it. I finally asked her for the recipe and now it’s my go-to for summer get togethers. (But it works ALL year round!)
Here’s what you’ll need to make this Strawberry Pretzel Dessert: 

  • 2 cups crushed pretzels (make sure this is two cups after you’ve crushed them — I actually use a little more)
  • 3/4 cup butter, melted
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 (8 ounce) package softened cream cheese
  • 1
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The Lush and Luxurious Sanya EDITION on Hainan Island

At the furthest southern tip of China in the South China Sea, just across from Vietnam lies Hainan, an island province where the warm, humid climate surrounded by a forested, mountainous interior envelopes all who come to get away to this tropical destination. The Sanya EDITION on Hainan Island is one of the region’s premiere resorts lining the coastline, a sedately grand resort spanning a lush 50 acres.

With architecture and a scale somewhat reminiscent of the modern monolithic oceanside resorts lining the Pacific coast in Los Cabos in Mexico, this South China Sea Ian Schrager helmed resort embraces a contemporary organic design, with neutral hued textiles and wood-clad surfaces throughout. The resort’s teak lattice combing with an immersive tropical landscaping contains the Sanya’s horseshoe-shaped grandiosity from becoming imposing, instead operating as a structural framework to the oceanside landscape hosting 900 different tree species across the terraced hillside site.… Read the rest

How to install molding and add interest to basic walls

I’ve been working on this wall molding project for almost four months and it’s finally done!! Geesh. I started it right after I finished the HUGE wall of bookcases in the basement but I kept getting distracted by other projects that were brighter and shinier. 😉 
The mud/laundry makeover and the garage clean out and organization took up a couple of those months. And then I was just…well, tired from all of that. A couple of weeks ago I finally started up this panel molding project again. 
It took longer than expected because when do a project like this, one thing always snowballs into a million other smaller projects. Every. time. But I’m REALLY loving how it turned out and I’m also really happy I added all of the smaller projects. 
When I finished the wall of built ins down here, I knew right away that the other walls needed
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Business Information

Since this is a web-based business thought, you possibly can choose any subject you’re knowledgeable about and train a course regardless of your location. If you don’t have advanced information in any particular topic, you’ll have the small business ability to always consider educating English as a overseas language on-line to students overseas. You know you need to begin a business, however you’re having a tough time articulating your idea.


Our members run small companies across all sectors however all have confronted the same issues. Share your experiences on social media with other members and learn how others have overcome them. Our award-winning quarterly magazine and website First Voice features relevant articles, guides and … Read the rest

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DMTV Milkshake: Manuel Navarro on Conjuring the Workplace of 2022 + Beyond

This week’s DMTV Milkshake guest is workplace interiors expert Manuel Navarro, design director and a principal of the Austin office of IA Interior Architects.

For this week’s Milkshake, we asked Manny to pull out his crystal ball – specifically, a sizable wedge of selenite – and look to the near-term future: Will the office of 2022 look like the office of 2019 – or something else entirely? “The open office workplace is really going to have to become much more flexible and agile than it ever was before,” Navarro says. “Typically we weren’t designing open-office workspaces that could accommodate a ton of virtual collaboration and online calls. At least in the short term, [that will mean] creating spaces that are good with acoustics. Great lighting for when you’re on camera, so you don’t look like crap. And the equity within the experience of [some] people being in … Read the rest