CARIUMA Builds Sustainability Into Every Pair of CATIBA Pro Skate Sneakers

When it comes to skater culture, sustainability has mostly remained an afterthought in a sport where equipment is regularly ground down to the bone and tossed. CARIUMA founder Fernando Porto grew up skating in Brazil, so he knows the deal. Initially inspired to design the most durable kicks intended to survive the daily grind of skating, Porto discovered durability and eco-conscious sustainability are not necessarily mutually exclusive even in the realm of designing a premium skateboarding shoe.

So what does a “sustainable” skateboarding shoe look like? Remarkably like what one might imagine as quintessential kicks intended to be slip-proof, comfortable and fashioned to endure the daily sessions of ollies, shove-its and kickflips.

CARIUMA co-founders David Python and Fernando Porto

The handmade CATIBA Pro Skate launches as CARIUMA’s first sustainable skate sneaker, designed in partnership and with the feedback of pro-skaters. Eco-creds are represented by CARIUMA’s decision to use raw rubber gathered from the hevea brasiliensis tree through ethical “tapping” without permanently damaging trees, organic cotton certified by Global Organic Textile Standard, replenish-able cork insoles, and responsibly-sourced suede. The CATIBA Pro Skate is available for men and women in both low and hi-top silhouettes identifiably designed for the skating set.

The durability of the CATIBA Pro is additionally enhanced by strategic detailing, such as foxing with thicker diagonal stripes carved into the outsole for improved traction and an upper featuring triple-stitching for additional durability. A high collar, padded tongue and internal cushion are there to keep the most vulnerable of skater body parts – the ankle – properly supported.

Out of view, but immediately evident upon sliding into a pair of CATIBA Pros is the inclusion of memory-foam insoles, designed to provide both arch support and absorb the stresses of daily riding.

A raw natural gum rubber outsole detailing with a classic herringbone pattern is intended to offer the wearer a more confident connection between foot and deck.

Even if skating is not your forte, CARIUMA offers a variety of other models, including PANTONE-themed canvas deck shoes designed with a similar commitment toward sustainability. The brand notes regardless of which model is purchased, the company plants a pair of trees in the Brazilian rainforest for every pair of sneakers sold, a symbolic reminder of the connection between what we wear and where its parts are sourced.

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