The Osma Brewer Simplifies Cold Brew Coffee

Designer Joey Roth is blessed/cursed with the sort of inquisitive mind that is never satisfied with good enough. Through his work he’s delved into depths of the audiophile and explored the earthly delights of the home gardener. What we definitely know is the man has an appreciation for rituals…and a good cup of coffee or tea. Which all explains why Roth has recently dedicated his efforts into designing Osma, a portable coffee making device engineered to speed up the process of making cold brew so the drinker has more time to dedicate to enjoying the flavor.

Roth spoke with us recently after sending us a nearly finalized demo model to experience Osma firsthand, both to instruct our first few servings, but also to illuminate us about the impetus for designing such a specialized coffee preparation device.

While the Osma does prepare cold brew coffee quickly – a … Read the rest

Breeze Guitar Amplifier Blows in With a Refreshing Design

Musicians prides themselves in expressing who they are throughout their music. The Breeze guitar amplifier offers the additional opportunity to allow their gear to reflect more of their personal taste, combining the features of an amplifier and guitar stand into an all-in-one design. A collaborative effort between Korean JOOM and Houston-based Weekend-works (Jaekyu Jung, Estab Han, Hyunsoo Choi), the cross-continental team recognized in lieu of social interaction during the pandemic certain activities/hobbies enjoyed at home had become increasingly popular, including playing instruments. Inspired, that took aim toward a category that is “quite conservative in design” and set out to redesign the guitar amplifier.

Breeze is a guitar amplifier for one, a concept drawn up to “be enjoyed alone inside the house, not for guitar amplifiers for ensemble” (how very K-drama!). The design is somewhat evocative of the Beosound Edge Speaker, but with the addition of a marble base and … Read the rest

2020 Gift Guide: Under $100

Earlier this week, we shared 10 gifts under $50 and now we’re going above that for those looking to spend a bit more. This gift guide takes the budget up to $100, opening the options up but with gifts that are still accessible, like textiles, glassware, a planter and a minimalist clock. Take a look and check off some people on your gift list!

** Check out our exclusive holiday promotion – For every $100 you spend between November 25 – 30, 2020, we’re giving you a $20 Gift Card to the Design Milk Shop to redeem December 3 – 31, 2020. It’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself! (Terms & Conditions)

Sunshine Baby Pillow Cover by DittoHouse $85
Inspired by the designer’s “sunshine baby,” this playful, graphic pillow cover is perfect for those who steer clear of basic decor. With a black and white striped background, the … Read the rest

Zoe Murphy Turns Unloved Furniture, Wood and Textiles into Vibrant Home Accessories

Circular by Design , a fortnightly column by longtime contributor Katie Treggiden, explores the reuse of waste as a way to keep materials in use and bring the legacy of the linear system full circle.

British designer Zoe Murphy champions the notion of ‘loving what belongs to you’ by printing onto recycled furniture and textiles using imagery inspired by the faded glory of her seaside hometown of Margate, Kent, on the south coast of England. Zoe graduated from Loughborough University in 2008 with a first-class honors degree in printed textiles. Having always been fascinated by the potential of re-use and rejuvenation of unwanted items, she works closely with the idea of encouraging others to consume with more care.

Tell me a little bit about your childhood, education and background in terms of how you first became interested in creativity, design and sustainability.

I was born and raised in Margate. … Read the rest

2020 Gift Guide: Under $50

Unless you’re overloaded with cash, chances are you’re working with a budget this holiday season. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite gifts that cost $50 or less, because great design doesn’t have to leave you bankrupt!

jar candle

2020 Sucks Candle by Anecdote Candles $26
I think it’s safe to say that just about everyone (and we mean everyone) is ready to bid adieu to 2020. This cheeky candle from Anecdote Candles is a great gift for someone who has had an especially lousy year. They can wave goodbye with one hand while lighting this amber and mandarin scented candle with the other! (If you’re more of the glass-half-full type, there’s also a 2021 candle.)

ice cream scoop in box

Left-Handed Limited-Edition Ice Cream Scoop by Belle – V $44
This is definitely one of the coolest products we’ve seen this season, no pun intended! If someone on your gift list is a … Read the rest

2020 Gift Guide: Travel

Oh, traveling – how we miss you so. It goes without saying that our wanderlust is at an all-time high this year and we’re dreaming of the day when we get to whip out our passports and book our next vacation. While we are still following official guidelines to stay home and shelter in place, we know that travel can also be unavoidable. To make your trip a little easier in the current climate, here are 10 of our favorite travel accessories that we have reserved for our next boarding call.

Adjustable Warrant Face Mask by Slowtide $12.95
This reversible, double-layer mask comes with super soft elastic ear loops that are adjustable to ensure the best fit. Solid black on one side and a classic black and white stripe on the other means it will go with anything one wears, if that’s a concern. It even has a built-in filter … Read the rest

The BMW iX Sets a Route Toward an Electrified Future

With a toothy grill grin and a truncated interpretation of the futuristic styling originally hinted by the 2018 BMW iNext concept vehicle reveal, the 2022 BMW iX arrives as a nearly finalized electric-powered flagship SUV whose best features and design details are hidden behind closed doors.

Crisp and minimalist, the BMW retains some of the hallmark exterior stylings of the iNext concept that inspired the silhouette of this nearly production ready vehicle. But gone are those enormous satellite dish wheels and various subtle styling cues that gave the concept a more dynamic and forward leaning profile.

That beaver-toothed grill houses BMW’s assortment of driver-assistance sensors (aka “shy tech”).

The limitations and requirements of safety and manufacturing have edited some of the most bold propositions of the original Vision concept design, but the electric dreams of a sleek living room on wheels remains intact within its four doors  – “a luxurious, … Read the rest

Media “Buzz”: New Paintings by Fred Tomaselli

New resin-encased collages by Fred Tomaselli capture the friction of two realities: The drug-like buzz of reading the news with the consistent beauty of life and the universe. His newest works are on view at the James Cohan Gallery in Tribeca while a fantastic 8-minute mini-documentary of the process and ideas can be viewed online (we’ve embedded it at the end).

Fred Tomaselli, Untitled, 2020

Fred Tomaselli at James Cohan Gallery, 2020

Born in California in 1956, Fred Tomaselli is well-known for incorporating real drugs into his paintings. Beginning in the early 90’s, he encased real pills (both over-the-counter and “psychoactive”) and other materials within thick layers of clear resin to create colorful kaleidoscopic collages.

Recently, Tomaselli has dropped the pills (though hemp leaves often remain) in exchange for a new type of “buzz”: the onslaught of media headlines. Preserved in thick resin, fragments of The New York TimesRead the rest

A Sofa That Transforms To a Bed by Lowering From the Ceiling

If you live in a smaller space, you know that you have to make the most of every inch for maximum functionality, as well as peace of mind. Ori is a smart space company that’s been rethinking how people live with multifunctional, robotic-powered solutions that increase usable square footage. Their designs pack two for one, like their latest which goes from living room to bedroom in 30 seconds by hitting a button, swiping a finger or a voice command. The Cloud Bed Sofa Edition hides the bed away above at the ceiling in a built-in frame and when it’s time for sleep it easily glides down to the floor disguising the sofa.

Ceilings are often just wasted space but the Cloud Bed Sofa Edition utilizes it to accommodate a queen or king bed, thereby creating two dedicated spaces within the same footprint. During the day, a three-seater sofa with built-in … Read the rest

DMTV Milkshake: Sarit Shani Hay on Designing for Children + Social Change

This week’s DMTV Milkshake guest is designer and author Sarit Shani Hay, founder and creator of Sarit Shani Hay Studio in Tel Aviv.

“When I started to design for children, it was not so common,” says Hay. “People asked me why we needed to design for children – children ruin everything. Luckily people now realize it’s very important to design for children – and [to consider] how we create a narrative and above all, how we use design as a tool for social change and make a better life for children.”

That’s the philosophical bedrock of Hay’s diverse body of work, which ranges from creating handmade toys and inclusive classrooms to designing play spaces for children at hotels and therapeutic environments at hospitals. For the latter, Hay works to infuse these spaces with a transformative sense of play – the effects of which she was able to witness herself. … Read the rest