Friday Five with Jorey (Shosh) Friedman

Jorey (Shosh) Friedman, Vice President and Principal of SB Architects, has over 25 years of experience providing architectural design expertise. Her speciality is large-scale projects that include hospitality, golf and resort residential communities and mixed-use developments. She has the ability to create and sustain a strong project vision from concept to construction, all while building and maintaining positive client relationships. Her leadership capabilities forge strong project teams that work together efficiently and effectively. Jorey leads the design and presentation of many of the firm’s most prominent projects in the United States and around the world. Her long-term commitments to the firm include playing an active role in business development and providing mentorship for junior architects within the firm. Today Jorey joins us for Friday Five!

1. Textures + Patterns in Nature
I love photographing nature. I like getting so close that you can’t really discern what you’re … Read the rest

Pests in Orlando and What You Can Do to Get Rid of Them

Many pests live in Orlando, Florida. These pests can become a considerable annoyance for homeowners who simply want to enjoy their private space instead of dealing with pesky insects and rodents. Understanding the types of pests that exist in Orlando and what you can do to get rid of them will help you keep your home free of those unwanted pests. After all, you do not want to find yourself worrying about having pest-related problems for months or even years at a time.


It is true that cockroaches like warm, moist environments, so it is no surprise that homeowners in Orlando tend to have a problem with cockroaches. These pesky bugs often linger in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, along with any other areas where they can gain access to a moist environment or food. They can carry disease and come in different sizes, too.


Many people have a … Read the rest

Easy way to plump up wilted flowers {They last a lot longer!}

I’m back today with a super quick tip that brings wilting flowers back with minimal effort. If you love hydrangeas as much as I do (and who doesn’t, for real) then you’ll love this tip. I hear it works for other flowers like roses as well.

I used to hate when I’d buy a bunch of flowers at the store (or cut them from the yard) and then they’d droop within a day or two. This little trick allows you to keep them (hydrangeas at least) for a week, sometimes more.

Here’s what I’m talking about — see the sad little one on the bottom left?:

Before this trick that one would have been tossed in the trash. Sometimes it happens within a day of bringing them home!

Well, as you can tell from their name — hydrangeas LOVE water. It’s kind of hard to give them too much (at … Read the rest

10 Wellness + Grooming Favorites for Men To #TreatYourself

The wellness space for men has been underserved in the past when it comes to grooming and beauty. Thankfully that landscape has changed a lot in the last few years with emerging brands that champion self-care, personal hygiene and mental health. After all, wellness isn’t gender specific and men deserve TLC too! We want to help in whatever small ways we can to break the barriers and stigmas that come with men taking time for themselves to indulge in beauty and self-care. So, we’re rounding up 10 products to encourage men to #treatyourself, because you deserve it too.

>>> Whiskey Bar Soap by Soap Distillery <<< $8
If you enjoy whiskey, this bar soap has an oaky scent like it just came straight from the barrel. It smells like spices, caramel, oak and cedar wood. This soap is also cold processed which means it uses less energy to make … Read the rest

Total Gym Fit: What You Need to Know

Total Gym has been the ultimate home gym manufacturer for many fitness enthusiasts, and when they released the renowned model, the Total Gym FIT, we expected nothing but supremacy. The package comes with outstanding accessories, features, and specifications that deliver results. As long as you have realistic expectations and use the exercise equipment appropriately, you will enjoy an effective and even therapeutic experience. Here is all there is to know about Total Gym FIT:

What is featured in the FIT Collection?

Total Gym Fit is a home gym system that targets whole body wellness by working all the muscle groups simultaneously.  From stretches to cardio training and muscle resistance, it is the ideal total body workout machine. It is fit for beginners as well as advanced users and can be used by anyone from age 8 to 80. This gym model comes with 12 levels of resistance and over 85 … Read the rest

Using decorative trays for pretty fall vignettes!

Hello my friends! I’m slowly bringing out some fall decor — the cozy vibe is making me so happy! It already feels so much warmer in our home. 
I shared my friend Marty’s post about decorating trays on Facebook a couple weeks ago and was inspired by her pretty decor. I started thinking of ways I could incorporate some trays with my fall decor. 
I’m a lover of using trays while decorating — they corral stuff while keeping it looking good. They’re an ideal way to organize smaller items that look out of place by themselves. 
Last year I placed the items I reach for most in the kitchen in a tray on the counter: 
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And they’re a perfect way to organize remotes, coasters and more on a coffee table: 
two coffee tables to create large one
See how we used
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The Kara Mann Collection for CB2 Looks Back to Live in the Now

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CB2 has released a fun yet sophisticated fall collaboration with renowned interior designer Kara Mann that shows off the art of contrast. The inspiration for the 74-piece Kara Mann Collection comes from Mann’s teenage dream bedroom. These designs create an updated take on the space that’s full of cool tone on tone neutrals that are easy to mix and match alongside ruffles, polka dots and iridescence in new materials and modern lines. You’ll also find swirl resin, slubbed sateen upholstery, ultra-clear glass, sprayed concrete and more used on pieces that are edgy yet romantic.

Ease Lounge + Ottoman, Wedge Side Table

“Kara is a creative visionary, and together we’ve created a collaboration that leads with quality and design, but at approachable price points,” said CB2 President … Read the rest

Repair Flood Damage to Prevent Mold in Your House

When it comes to mold, there is one important thing to understand – mold needs three things to develop:

  1. Moisture
  2. Organic food matter
  3. Proper temperature

During the floods, when water (moisture) is everywhere and food for growth can be anything from wall paint to card boxes, mold removal is often the most requested services by homeowners.

Whenever you are experiencing heavy rains and, thus, heavy floods, you should be set and prepared to prevent any damage that would occur.

Of course, even if you’re fortunate enough to live in a region affected by flooding, you can still learn a valuable lesson by reading about recent problems in flooded areas in the United States. It will help you learn how to deal with the mold issues in case you ever end up in this situation (and we sincerely hope you will not!).

What to expect after flooding?

Some flood-related damage … Read the rest

Fresh and delicious summer salad {from your garden}

I’m back with another delicious and easy salad — this one is perfect for the summer months, especially if you grow your own herbs and veggies! I think a lot of us have been in the kitchen way more than usual lately, right? This salad is super easy to throw together. It’s also a great one to make in large amounts for get togethers, because it can be made well ahead of time. 
I planted a garden for the first time in YEARS this summer. I’ve missed it so much! I have big plans to add a set of permanent raised gardens that I hope to tackle later this fall or next spring. 
I use a loose square foot gardening method — you’d be surprised at how much you can fit into a four by four foot space! Especially if you plant veggies that grow up or vine like tomatoes
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DMTV Milkshake: Ti Chang Talks About Making Space for Tools of Pleasure

This week’s DMTV Milkshake guest is Ti Chang, co-founder and VP of design of San Francisco’s design-centric sex toy company Crave. When Crave’s Duet vibrator debuted in 2011, Chang’s work at the intersection of wellness and technology was a revolutionary presence in both sectors. Her sleek vibrators were high-end, elegant, and discreet at a time when her competition was definitively mid-market; their success pointed investors to the market potential in the woefully underexplored area of women’s sexual pleasure. Crave’s new Duet Pro is the perfect example of that intersection, a chic vibrator that comes with 16 preprogrammed “vibes” – vibrational settings that can also be remixed from scratch via the MyVibes app.

In this interview, Ti shares what it was like to go on a cross-country road trip in an Airstream reworked as a “build your own vibrator” sex toy factory – an adventure intended to provide a … Read the rest