A Sofa That Transforms To a Bed by Lowering From the Ceiling

If you live in a smaller space, you know that you have to make the most of every inch for maximum functionality, as well as peace of mind. Ori is a smart space company that’s been rethinking how people live with multifunctional, robotic-powered solutions that increase usable square footage. Their designs pack two for one, like their latest which goes from living room to bedroom in 30 seconds by hitting a button, swiping a finger or a voice command. The Cloud Bed Sofa Edition hides the bed away above at the ceiling in a built-in frame and when it’s time for sleep it easily glides down to the floor disguising the sofa.

Ceilings are often just wasted space but the Cloud Bed Sofa Edition utilizes it to accommodate a queen or king bed, thereby creating two dedicated spaces within the same footprint. During the day, a three-seater sofa with built-in … Read the rest

DMTV Milkshake: Sarit Shani Hay on Designing for Children + Social Change

This week’s DMTV Milkshake guest is designer and author Sarit Shani Hay, founder and creator of Sarit Shani Hay Studio in Tel Aviv.

“When I started to design for children, it was not so common,” says Hay. “People asked me why we needed to design for children – children ruin everything. Luckily people now realize it’s very important to design for children – and [to consider] how we create a narrative and above all, how we use design as a tool for social change and make a better life for children.”

That’s the philosophical bedrock of Hay’s diverse body of work, which ranges from creating handmade toys and inclusive classrooms to designing play spaces for children at hotels and therapeutic environments at hospitals. For the latter, Hay works to infuse these spaces with a transformative sense of play – the effects of which she was able to witness herself. … Read the rest

How to create a super fluffy and full Christmas mantel {for less!}

I’ve started to pull out some Christmas decor and it’s been fun to get it all out! I want to enjoy the twinkling lights even longer this year, and I’m looking to a much slower pace this December than usual. It will be so nice to have it all done in the next week or so!
I decorated our mantel a couple days ago and thought I would share how I get a fluffy and full mantel without spending a ton. 
I’ve seen so many gorgeous fluffy greenery and garlands shared online recently…but some are one to $200 EACH! I don’t mind putting some money into items like this that I know I’ll use year after year — but that’s way too much for me, especially knowing I’d want more than one. 
Instead, I shop the half off sales at craft stores this time of year. They’ve never failed me!
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Wescover: An Online Marketplace That Connects You With Designers + Makers

Wescover is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you know all about it. It’s an online platform that connects you directly with artists and designers allowing you to see a range of their work while learning more about them and the stories behind their designs. Wescover hosts all kinds of creators, from those just starting out to the established studios with expansive collections. The site lets you easily search for the types of items you’re looking for, a specific creator, or for something you’ve come across in a certain space, like a restaurant, hotel, or art gallery, that you’re interested in. You can order work the creators currently make or enlist them to design a custom piece that’s specific to your needs. By working directly with the creators, you’re supporting self-employed, independent artists and designers, while acquiring the perfect light fixture, piece of art, or chair … Read the rest

2020 Gift Guide: Tech

We are grateful to Casely + Sum Products for supporting this gift guide. Our partners are hand picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design.

If there’s any category synonymous with the holiday season, it’s tech gifts, with the end of the year offers an opportune time to upgrade from outdated and tired to version 2.0 wired. Big or small, affordable or a splurge, we’ve gathered a selection of tech devices and accessories below celebrating great design topped with a fashionable finish designed to blend into your home and lifestyle.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Balance Speaker $2,250
Benjamin Hubert of British design agency Layer worked in collaboration with the Danish audio brand to design a sculptural, wireless audio speaker “inspired by interior objects”. Equalizing high design and even higher performance, an omni-directional array of speakers sits atop a beautifully crafted wood base housing an up-firing … Read the rest

Friday Five With Mark Gardner of Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects

Mark Gardner

As Principal at New York City-based Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects, Mark Gardner has led many of the firm’s design initiatives and works to understand the role of design as social practice. Gardner takes a serious interest in the crossroads of architecture and art, both subjects of the utmost importance to his professional practice as well as to his teaching and writings. Mark is committed to practicing architecture as a socially beneficial art form. He’s engaged in all aspects of each of the studio’s projects, and leads the firm’s quality-control review process, having taught Professional Practice at the University of Pennsylvania. Mark is currently the Director of the Master of Architecture program at Parsons. Today Mark joins us for Friday Five!

1. W.E.B. Du Bois Mapping Diagrams
In 1897, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Plessy v. Ferguson that separate was equal. W.E.B. Du Bois, the … Read the rest

2020 Gift Guide – Health & Wellness

If there was ever a year to remember to put your health and wellness first, 2020 is definitely the year. There was a lot to process as we tried to navigate the “new normal,” and it seemed like our limited energy was going in every direction, the least of which was ourselves and our own well-being. If you can relate, we’re betting someone you know can too. We hope with this gift guide, you’ll find something that will help your giftee feel rejuvenated, revitalized and refreshed for the new year. (And yes, you can definitely be your own giftee. #treatyourself)

Mini Handy Pillow by OSTRICHPILLOW $35
Naps are an essential part of self-care, whether it’s just five minutes to close our eyes or a two-hour sleep to recharge. If you only have a few minutes to catch some Zzzs, this handy pillow makes it a more pleasurable experience by having … Read the rest

The Gaming Aesthetic Comes To Life Within the Alienware Training Facility

It isn’t quite as secure nor secretive as Area 51, but PC gaming brand Alienware’s state-of-the-art Alienware Training Facilities in Utrecht, Netherlands for eSport organization Team Liquid, represents the ascension and prominence of gaming as a global presence. Housed within a bespoke 10,000-square-foot “gaming house” in a newly constructed mixed-use development, the collaboration between the exterior of VenhoevenCS Architecture + Urbanism and interior design of AHH Architects showcases architecture inspired by gaming.

Described as a “mix of serene minimalism and high-tech, edgy gaming aesthetics,” the convergence of architecture and interior design across the facilities unashamedly celebrate technology. Interior details echo several of the surface treatments of the Alienware aesthetic, most notably drawing from the monochromatic Alienware Legend design language, an industrial design solution that earned the collection a 2020 iF World Design Award in the product category.

Photo: Teo Krijgsman for AHH Architecture

Photo: Teo Krijgsman for AHH Architecture


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The easiest Christmas village {that tastes good too!}

Hello my friends! I found an adorable baking pan a few weeks ago and it immediately went into my online cart. I thought it would be SO cute for holiday baking. 
If you’ve ever tried traditional gingerbread villages and ended up with a crumbled mess…this method is for you! This baking pan is SO stinking cute and the little village turned out better than any other we’ve tried. 
This is the pan I found:
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It’s the Nordic Ware village baking pan (you can also find it here!) and the detail is just adorable! You can see why I fell in love. 
I planned to hold off a bit before trying it, but when it arrived I was too excited to see how they would turn out. I read the instructions that came
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12 Things I Learned From Kelly Wearstler’s Interior Design MasterClass

I’ve been staying in my childhood home since the beginning of the pandemic – and while my parents applied a low-key Early Americana-ish vibe to most of the house (with tables and benches from my grandparents’ Pennsylvania farm, primitive blanket chests, Gaudy Welsh ceramics, etc.), my sister’s and my rooms remained IKEA- and garage sale-filled white boxes. (My mom: “We didn’t think you were coming back.”)

As we prepare to hunker down for the seasons ahead, I’ve struggled with how to revamp this quasi-temporary space – which means I was extremely excited to see Kelly Wearstler’s MasterClass on interior design. Pros: Watching Kelly Wearstler apply paint samples to a white wall in the Proper Hotel in Downtown L.A. is like ASMR for the home design set. I also definitely need a cling-clangy bracelet of metal samples (ideally including various rare and precious metals.) Con: After 150 minutes of instruction, I’m … Read the rest