How to easily update old recessed lights to energy saving LED

A tutorial on how to easily change your energy sucking recessed lights with LED versions!

I’ve been working on this lighting project (that has already saved us a ton of money!) slow but sure since early this year. It makes a BIG difference in both how your rooms look and your electrical bill!
When we were having some electrical work done for the new basement built ins, the electrician noted how many recessed lights we have in the basement — a ton! He recommended looking into replacing the standard can lights with an LED version that would save a us a lot of money. 
He told us it was easy to change them out, so I started doing some research. It’s a quick change and you don’t need any electrical experience! Turning off your lights at the breaker is all the electrical knowledge you’ll need.
Even though we have
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Instant garage door makeover {faux carriage doors}

I’m always looking for easy exterior updates to make our home stand out from the rest. When you live in suburbia many of the houses can look similar — but there are so many ways to add some character and beauty without spending a ton of money.

This easy garage door update does just that! I’ve done this a couple times over the years and I’m always surprised at how much it really changes up the doors.
I loved our garage doors with their gray and white paint and trim:
But I knew this easy addition would make them even more beautiful.
You can buy metal garage door accents that give it a Craftsman or carriage door look, and they are super easy to install! Our home has a modern Craftsman exterior so I knew they would fit in beautifully.
I had to use hardware you attach with screws on
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Take a look inside our drawers {the ultimate laundry room organization!}

Well hello! We got out of town for a bit last weekend and it was great to get away for a few days! I was reminded when got home how much I love having our big, beautiful laundry room that I recently made over
When we travel it’s so nice to walk right in and empty the dirty clothes right out of the suitcases into the washer and hamper. This room works like a well oiled machine now that I’ve added so much storage! 
I wanted to show you how I’ve organized everything in the new cabinets on this wall:
As a reminder, here’s how this spot started — just a table for folding clothes: 
folding table in laundry

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Problem was, that surface was always covered with STUFF. 
We moved the upper cabinets from over the
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10 creative DIY ways to hide the cat litter

Hello my friends! I had such a great response to our cat litter solution a few weeks ago, I figured I’d round up a few more fun ideas for hiding the litter while still making kitty feel comfortable. 
These are all DIY ideas, but I share some store bought products that look great at the end of the post too.
If you missed what we did, you can find our kitty litter closet reveal and the tutorial for installing a cat door here: 
This is a large closet and with the addition of the shelves I installed at the end of the closet, we still have tons of storage space:
hide cat litter in closet with cat door
Our vacuum and some other items are on the right side as well. 
This has worked out SO well for us and the cats seem to love it! It’s been so easy to keep the mud room clean now
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Hide the TV components {and still use your remote!}

After finishing up so many HUGE projects lately (the basement bookcase wall, garage makeover and mud/laundry makeover) I’m back to focusing on some smaller projects in our basement. I started one a couple months ago and left it in the dust when I focused on the garage clean up. Oh look, a butterfly! 😂
Now I’m working to finish that up and a couple other smaller projects as well. This was a quick one thankfully, and looks great! I’ve shared how to add metal sheeting to cabinet doors before, (you can see the fireplace makeover at our old house there) but this time it was even simpler. I figured I’d share how I did it. 
Why add metal sheeting you ask? Well when you like to have electronic components hidden away like me, it’s best to give them some air flow. Otherwise they run hot and that wills
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Best places to buy throw pillows {all under $20!}

Thank you so much for the kind comments on my latest makeover! I always appreciate them! I’m back to share my favorite resources for inexpensive (and cute!) pillow covers. I love sharing where I find home decor at a great price. 
Pillow covers are one of those things I change out more often than any other decor item. If you get them for a good price, they’re an easy way to change up the accent colors in a room. I also like to use different textures and colors for the seasons. 
Lately I’ve found some sources for throw pillow covers (and inserts) that I love — and the prices are so good! ALL of the covers I’m sharing today are under $20, and most are well under that. When you purchase just the covers (and reuse your inserts) you’ll save a lot. (I’ll share my favorite fluffy inserts later
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Before and after — the laundry/mud room reveal

Whoohoo, the reveal day is here — I’m done with the laundry and mud room makeover! The main goal of these updates was to add more functional storage, and I definitely accomplished that. 
And even with all of that new storage, this has become the prettiest room in the house! It is so lovely! Marrying form and function is my favorite thing. 
Before I share a million pictures, let’s recap where we started and what I’ve added over the past couple of months. You can see my plan to add more storage to this mud/laundry room combo here.
This side of the room was where I focused most of my time: 
We had the countertop to start with, and I added a curtain around the bottom to hide the kitty litter. 
Problem was, the counter was usually a MESS of stuff that didn’t have a home or needed to go
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How to create a feature wall that makes a BIG statement!

Hey there! I just have some minor tweaks to make in the laundry/mud room and I’m DONE! I’m hoping to share it with you next week. 🙂 Whew, this one has worn me out, but I love it so very much. It’s SO pretty. This latest addition on the big empty wall has made the whole space!
When we moved the upper cabinets, I knew this wall would feel pretty sparse. Even with the added DIY shelf over the washer and dryer, it still needed something: 
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I already knew what I wanted to do — when I decided to tackle this room weeks ago I ordered some wallpaper samples to see how they looked in person. **Just like paint, I recommend seeing wallpaper in your space before ordering. 
When you have a
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Your sofa search is over! {This one is comfy, easily cleaned and a great price!}

Oh happy day!! I’ve been waiting for our latest delivery for nearly five months! When we moved into this house, I knew I wanted to do matching sofas set up across from each other in our family room. I LOVE symmetry. 
I wanted them to be plain, regular sofas with no chaise or sectional set up, and we already had this sofa from our living room at the old house: 
We got it for a GREAT deal, so I went back to the store where we found it (it’s a local store called Urban Underpriced) and found one more — pretty sure it was the last one they had.
I’ve loved this set up in our great room: 
symmetrical family room layout
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These sofas are SO comfy and large — I’d say close to the size of
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The easiest way to tile a backsplash {Less mess!}

Whew, I’m almost done with my latest room update! I’ll share links to all of the projects I’ve completed in our laundry/mud room at the end of the post — just in case you missed one. Can’t have that. The tile project I’m sharing today is one of my favorites I’ve ever done — first of all because it was SO easy (I’ll share why in a minute) and because it is beautiful
I fell hard last year for the square, slightly shimmery tile called zellige. Turns out it was very trendy a couple of years ago…as usual I’m way behind on the trends. (And I’m fine with that.) It has a wavy texture that makes it look handmade…and usually it is! 
The real stuff is VERY expensive, but I really wanted to use it for the small backsplash in our laundry/mud room:
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