Best of the Best! Top 10 Posts of 2020

Here we are at the end of a very strange year for everyone and the conclusion of our 2020 Year in Review coverage. While we’ve already shared the best of each category and a breakdown of each column, we felt like we needed to bring out the posts that really stood out and were the most read from the entire year. Without further ado, read below to see the best of the best with the top 10 most popular posts of 2020.

10. A Modern Home in Austin with a Pool That Bisects the House
Looking for quiet, a client enlisted Ravel Architecture to design a private home on a remote street in Austin, Texas. Named the M1700 House, the project involved finding a place to fit a full-size lap pool on a challenging site with a 25-foot elevation change. To solve the issue, the architects placed the pool so … Read the rest

2020 Year in Review: Our Shop Faves

2020 is quickly coming to a close (yay!) and with that we’re checking out the most popular, the go-tos, the best of the best, top-selling designs from our Design Milk Shop. The top 10 includes a bit of everything, from puzzles to candles to pet beds… Can you guess what’s #1? Read on to find out which designs have been flying off the (virtual) shelf here at Design Milk in 2020.

10. CLIP LUXE Wall Hook by Bendo >>> Featured here
Bendo has taken wall hooks to a new level with the CLIP LUXE which is in the shape of an oversized paper clip. The clever, multifunctional hook can be used anywhere in your home or office to hold coats, towels, aprons, magazines, dog leashes, you name it! Available in Black, Copper and Chrome.

9. zMask by Zimarty >>> Featured here
Zimarty flipped the face mask game on its … Read the rest

2020 Year in Review: Where I Work

Every month, we drop in on designers in their space to get some insight into how and where they work, because we’re the type of people that are just as interested in the designer as we are the product they designed. There’s something about getting a peek inside someone’s workspace, how they function and their process to help really appreciate their work that much more. Now that the year is coming to a close, we’re taking a look back to see everyone featured in our Where I Work column in 2020.

Where I Work: Jason Miller of Roll & Hill
Jason Miller is the founder of Brooklyn-based Roll & Hill, a lighting manufacturing company he launched in 2010. A designer himself, Miller works closely with lots of independent designers to create the brand’s extensive range of collections. Their Sunset Park headquarters is home to their on-demand production practices, where parts … Read the rest

2020 Year in Review: Unframed

Every month our resident art expert, David Behringer, searches for the best of what’s happening in modern art in New York City galleries. He seeks the best exhibitions and shows that most of us wouldn’t even know existed, and shares an up close and personal view of the artist and their work. If you missed any of his posts or just want to take another look, read on for a visual exploration of NYC’s art scene that David covered in our Unframed column in 2020.

Circuit Boards of Sound: The Sculpture of Steve Parker
The brass horns in the sculpture of Steve Parker make music… but not how you’d expect. In this electrified sculpture, a viewer’s touch activates beautiful and unexpected recordings. Several of his interactive works were on view at the Cue Art Foundation in New York in what was a must-see (and must hear) exhibition titled “Futurist Listening” … Read the rest

A Colorful Collaboration: FACETASM x Jordan Why Not? Zer0.4

NBA superstar and new Washington Wizard Russell Westbrook is renown for an unrelenting and dynamic on-court persona, one matched off the hardwood by a deep passion for fashion – a driving force which has manifested in generations of Jordan “Why Not?” sneakers every bit as expressive as its signature superstar. Westbrook’s latest signature shoe – the Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.4 – arrives in a trio of inline colorways, with an extra special edition designed in collaboration with Japanese cult fashion brand, FACETASM.

Represented by a colorful amalgamation and arrangement of patterns, colors and textures across the entire Jordan “Why Not?” Zer0.4 collection, Westbrook credits his hometown of South Central Los Angeles’ and Greater Los Angeles’ vibrant landscape and community as the inspiration for the playfully prismatic designs. But it’s arguably the fourth edition designed in partnership with FACETASM founder Hiromichi Ochiai that arrives bearing the most interesting backstory, noting … Read the rest

Best Get Out! Posts of 2020

This year more than ever, our outdoor spaces have become critical for our sanity since most of us were stuck at home during the pandemic. Whether a small balcony or a massive backyard with a pool and garden, outdoor spaces can be extensions of our interior spaces and designed in the same way. Dress it up or down, there are millions of options to personalize it to your own needs throughout the year. From modern outdoor furniture to beehives to elegant planters, Design Milk shared a bit of everything in our Get Out! column in hopes of helping you create the outdoor spaces of your dreams.

10. Rehome Your Plants with the Terra Collection
Georg Jensen has just released a new collaborative collection with Snøhetta, called Terra, a series of indoor and outdoor pots and plant accessories constructed from steel and terracotta that at once feel fresh yet familiar.

9. … Read the rest

2020 Year in Review: Taste

This year we feasted on some delectable treats and food-centric art from our friends TJ Girard and Bob Spiegel of Pinch Food Design. These culinary veterans seamlessly blend food and design in their daily lives, and monthly in our lives through their Taste column, where they share some delicious posts about all things food + design. Now we’re taking a second look at what they featured throughout 2020.

NYC’s Nami Nori Restaurant Turns Hand Rolls into Tacos
It is not often Pinch Food Design are equally impressed by food and design innovation with the same intensity. But Nami Nori, a new Japanese restaurant in NYC’s West Village, has officially blown us away. Besides the three founders all being alums of Masa, the only 3-Michelin-star sushi restaurant in the country, Nami Nori has captivated our creative senses with their show stopping take on temaki served up “taco style” on perfectly cut … Read the rest

These Are the Most Standard Sofa Sizes From Top Retailers

Defining standard sofa sizes is a difficult task. While the standard three-seat sofa dimensions are 84 inches wide by 35 inches deep, there are quite a few variations from brands across the board.  

Whether you’re looking for a sectional sofa with a chaise lounge or a simple loveseat, couch dimensions can vary widely. In this guide we seek to definite standard dimensions for each type of sofa to help you decide what sizes to expect when picking out a new sofa.  

Different Types of Sofas to Consider When Sizing Your Couch

While sizing up what your sofa length should be for your living room, keep in mind that all furniture pieces are different and can vary from the average sofa’s standard measurements. 

You might be interested in a large multi-piece sectional sofa with a deep seat depth for the ultimate lounging experience. On the other hand, you might be … Read the rest

2020 Year in Review: Deconstruction

Even though we share cool modern designs every week, sometimes we want to go a bit deeper to see how they are made. Most of us have no idea the time, effort, skill and labor that goes into making each design, but when we do we appreciate it so much more. Every month, we enlist designers and brands to break down the design process that resulted in their creations and now we’re taking a look back to see each of the designs we featured in our Deconstruction column in 2020.

How the Woven Leather Collection From Smilow Design Is Made
Smilow Design is a brand launched by Judy Smilow as a way to pay homage to her father Mel Smilow and his American-made, mid-century designs that have been around since 1949. Part of that catalog of designs is the Woven Leather Collection, a series of minimalist chairs, stools and benches … Read the rest

The 4 Best Couch Materials for Dogs and the Humans Who Love Them

If you’re in the market for a new couch and also own a dog (or two), you’re probably wondering what types of material or upholstery are best for pet owners. While not every piece of furniture is pet-friendly, there are many couches that are essentially dog-proof with the proper care. 

We’ll review the ways that dogs can damage a sofa (so you know what to look for in a fabric), materials that are durable enough to protect against these issues, and examples of pet-friendly couches. At the end we’ll throw in a few bonus tips to help you protect and maintain your living room furniture so you and your furry friend can enjoy it for years to come.

We’ll review the ways that dogs can damage a sofa (so you know what to look for in a fabric), materials that are durable enough to protect against these issues, … Read the rest