The Nugget Couch Review

Nugget Couch Price, Durability, Pros and Cons

The Nugget Couch is part-furniture and part-toy. This play couch is customizable and can be used for sitting, sleeping, fort-building or anything else the kiddos can dream up. 

Co-founders David Baron and Ryan Cocca dreamed up the design for The Nugget when they were still college students, and growing tired of the small, uncomfortable, furniture typically sold to college students. 

In 2015, the guys opened a Kickstarter to raise funding to start production of the foam couches. They reached their original goal of $20k in a single day. They then increased their goal to $60k and at the end of the day, raised nearly $85k to cover the tools needed to prepare and pack The Nugget’s dynamic foam pieces.

Today the company is headquartered Hillsborough, North Carolina and, by all accounts, is doing quite well. 

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The 5 Best Cat-Proof Couches for Cat Owners, Paws Down

If you’re looking for a new pet-friendly couch and hoping it won’t turn into your furry friend’s next cat scratching post, we’ve got you covered. While it is unlikely that you’ll find n entirely cat-proof sofa, there are some that are better at resisting pet hair and claw marks. 

The key here is finding a high-quality sofa brand that specializes in durability, so even if your sofa ends falls victim to cat scratch fever, it holds up over time.

In this post, we’ll review the ways that cats can damage your couch and the materials that are best at protecting against these issues. We’ll also share some examples of cat-friendly couches, and some bonus tips to help you protect and maintain your furniture so you and your furry friend can enjoy it together for a long time to come.

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5 Best Sofas for Back Support That Can Help with Back Pain

Not all sofas are good at providing lumbar support, but there are plenty that can really help with your back pain. Back support isn’t the sexiest marketing term, so you won’t see too many brands focus directly on that.

We’re here to remove that uncertainty and provide you with some great recommendations for sofas that can help your aching back and make you comfortable in your living room again. We’ll also point out some things to look for during your shopping journey.

High-quality seat cushions can help those with a bad back to decompress their spine, for example. But first, let’s get to the best back support sofas and we’ll circle back to tricks and tips toward the end of the article.

5 Couches That Provide Excellent Back Support 

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The 6 Best Online Sofa Brands of 2020

We’ve reviewed tons of couches, sectionals, loveseats, and more from various online retailers and compared them based on their price, level of comfort, quality of construction, and customizability. 

Not only have we found the very best sofas and sectionals available for your living room, we’ve also been able to narrow down the best online retailers for sofas in 2020. We’ve looked at factors like price points, return policies, upholstery and customer service reputation. Here are our top 6 best online sofa companies.

6 Best Online Retailers for Sofas 2020

1. Allform

Price Range: $1400 to $5000

Photo courtesy of Allform

What real customers loved about Allform

Allform tops our list because they bring what many online furniture brands simply cannot: comfy, modern sofas made with high-quality materials offered at an affordable price.

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The Best & Most Comfortable Loveseats You Can Buy Right Now

If you’re in the market for a loveseat then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a sofa for a small apartment, or an accent piece to fill out your living space, we’ve got you covered. There are so many great options you can choose from today whether you want the more modern two-seater or a more traditional settee. 

Today we’re going to share the best and most comfortable loveseats available from some of the best brands out there, including AllForm, West Elm, Inside Weather, Amazon and Crate & Barrel.

The Best Overall Sofas of 2020

Our team evaluated price, quality, comfort and additional features to bring you the best new sofas available now.

5 Best Loveseats Consumers Loved This Year

1. AllForm Custom Loveseats

Price: $1,145

Photo courtesy of Allform

What real customers loved about AllForm Custom Loveseats

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How Much Does The Average Couch Weigh?

The average weight of a sofa is anywhere between 280 to 350 pounds. Of course, this will vary depending on the size, style, materials and added features, as with a sleeper sofa. In this article, we’re going to cover a full range of sofa type weights, the weight of other common household furniture, how to estimate the weight of your furniture, and tips for moving a heavy couch.  

Average Sofa Weight Chart

The average weight of a sofa depends on a lot of variables. The size is a factor – traditional three-seater sofa or an oversized sectional sofa with a chaise lounge have very different weights.

Another factor are the materials used to create it – metal and solid wood can differ quite a bit. Features included in the sofa also help determine its measurements. For example, a three-seater sofa with a pull out bed or a reclining feature … Read the rest

Is The Cost To Reupholster A Sofa Worth It?

Sometimes if someone has a really high-quality sofa with worn fabric, or is just particularly attached to the sofa, they might consider reupholstering it. The process involves taking the couch completely apart, removing all of the seams and fabric, and applying new fabric and seams. 

Depending on the amount of labor and cost of fabric, this might end up costing you more than a new sofa. In this guide, we’re going to share a cost guide so you can decide for yourself, whether or not it’s worth it for you.

Average Cost to Reupholster a Couch

Reupholstering an old sofa can cost anywhere from $600 to $4000 depending on the fabric and the labor rates. However, most commonly the average cost is $1,750. If you’re using a relatively small sofa and inexpensive traffic, you might be on the lower end of the spectrum. But if you’re having a larger, elaborately … Read the rest

How to Place a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa

When it comes to DIY interior design, your area rug serves as the piece that pulls everything else together. But when you’re dealing with sectional couches, it can be difficult to arrange your home decor properly. Should the rug be centered under the sofa, or it is okay if the design is asymmetrical? This post will answer those questions for you today. 

5 Ways to Place Your Rug with a Sectional Sofa

1. Centering it in the L

The most commonly used styling option is to center the rug in your sectional seating area. While doing this it’s important to make sure there’s enough floor space around it for every other piece of furniture. If that’s not possible, it might be better to center under the coffee table instead so that you have enough room for your other pieces to fit well around it.

2. Place it partially under your

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Polyester Couches: Durability, Benefits, Drawbacks, Cleaning & More

Looking for a new sofa but not sure which type of upholstery is for you? You might be interested to know that polyester has become an increasingly popular upholstery material in recent years due to its affordably and positive attributes. Today, we’re going to share what those are and everything you need to know to decide whether polyester living room furniture is for you.

What is a Polyester Sofa?

Polyester sofa fabric is made with synthetic fibers which may include microfiber, canvas, faux leathers, velour, satin, tweed, or twill. It is often used to upholster furniture because it stands up well to sun exposure as well as daily use and traffic.

Its long term durability and tight-knit makeup make it a popular pick for outdoor furniture as well as for families with children and pets.

Polyester Couch Pros

As we stated before, as synthetic fiber, polyester upholstered furniture is strong … Read the rest

Top-Grain Leather vs. Bonded Leather Sofas: Which Should You Choose?

If you’re considering buying leather furniture, you should know that you have a lot of options available. It’s very important to make sure you know what kind of quality leather you’re getting because there is quite a bit of difference between each type.

Two of the most popular among them for sofa upholstery are top-grain and bonded leather. Previously we did a breakdown of the best leather sofa brands and the overall best leather sofas. We also compared leather and fabric sofas. If you missed those articles, we’d recommend checking them out before making a decision.

In this article, though, we’re going to define each type of leather, share their benefits, and show where you can buy the best leather sofas.

What Is Top-Grain Leather?

Top-grain, or top layer leather, is the outermost layer of the hide and is considered to be the highest quality portion of the … Read the rest