Dressing up the stairway landing

Fall is here and I’m back working on a bunch of projects! Feels good to be tackling stuff again. This one is simple and inexpensive fix that may be helpful for a lot of you. 
We have a window at our stair landing that I’ve wanted to address for awhile: 
I love love love our stairs! The landing just felt a bit bare with the plain window: 
white risers stained steps stairs

Obviously it didn’t bother me too badly as it was — I’ve left it like this for three years now. But I’ve wanted to add some drapes and a little something to dress it up.  

Problem is, the window is WAY up there! I needed super long curtains to make this work. 
Thankfully I already had what I needed. Remember years back when I needed really long drapes for our family room? I found super inexpensive drapes and hardware that worked perfectly: 
cheap drapes and hardware for big windows
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I ended up switching out those gray drapes for lighter ones, knowing I’d eventually use the gray ones later: 
open family room tall dark fireplace

I went back to IKEA for the drapery hardware I used last time — I needed a really long rod, which is typically more expensive. IKEA’s curtain hardware saved the day! I only paid $10 for the long rod and all of the hardware. I’ve never found rods and hardware for that cheap anywhere. 

I got up on an eight foot ladder to hang them and thought I was going to die. I was sweating so badly I couldn’t even use my tools at times. πŸ˜‚ I am NOT a fan of heights. One hundred percent do not recommend. 
But it was worth it! Our son suggested we add a bench here, which I loved! He’s so smart. πŸ™‚ I need to steam the drapes since they’ve been folded up for years, but otherwise it looks great!: 
bench on stairway landing
See how I make seasonal pillows for super cheap here. 

Our landing isn’t huge, but we still have plenty of room. Our upstairs is small with just a few rooms, so not many people go up there:

decorating small stair landing
This is the time of year that I welcome a bit more stuff into our home — it feels cozy and warm. In the new year I may want a little less…we’ll see! 
We love it. It feels so much more finished and pretty: 
open stairway stained treads
bench and plant on stair landing
Now I really need to get the rest of those walls trimmed out with the board and batten like the bottom wall. 

Colby LOVES it and spends a few hours a day snuggled on the bench: 
adding decor to stair landing
The whole family appreciates my projects. πŸ™‚ Maybe sweating on the ladder was worth it! 
This was a quick and inexpensive fix — I just love those. Be sure to check out this post to see more about the cheap drapery hardware and a link to the drapes I’ve used. 

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