Early summer backyard patio tour!

It’s finally patio season! We’ve had really lovely weather here lately and have been enjoying our outdoor spaces SO much. We had a backyard patio installed last summer that we’ve been loving this year. 
We pulled everything out of the garage and set back up earlier this spring. I got the flowers planted in the pots recently and they’ve had time to start filling in. We also picked up a couple new items for the patio recently and now it’s such a sweet and soothing retreat. 
I just shared this space last summer, but I’m so pleased at how it’s coming together this year I thought I’d do an early summer tour. 
I finally got a garden planted for the first time in forever and I’m so excited about that! It’s way in the back of the yard though, so I also planted some herbs in pots on the table so I can run out the back door and grab them for meals:
I refinished that wood table earlier this spring and it looks brand new! The table isn’t huge but we’ve had a ton of people around it and it’s worked out fine. 
(I’ll share all of the sources at the end of this post in case you’re interested in anything.) 

One of the additions this summer is the fountain — we wanted the sound of the water and this one is perfect!:

patio with DIY potting bench

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It’s not crazy heavy, but it’s held up to strong winds just fine. The sound is SO lovely. 
Our covered patio is perfect for really hot days — I love having so many seating options out here!: 
covered and open outdoor patios

Knight's armor paint exterior

Quick note on our exterior paint color — it’s called Knight’s Armor and like so many gray paint colors, it looks more gray in lower light/shade and leans more blue in the sun. You may notice how different it looks in photos of our exterior! I love both versions. 🙂
The fire pit is so much fun — we’ve hard large groups out here and it’s such a great space. We absolutely love it!: 
patio with round fire pit area

I got a bunch of plastic Adirondack chairs on clearance late last summer and only four have survived:

Concrete with round fire pit and chairs
These are so light and go flying even in the lightest wind. The also break very easily. We’re hoping to replace them with wood chairs this summer, but those are not cheap!
I like that we can fit so many around the fire:
Round fire pit area on patio
My husband misses the outdoor fireplace we had at our old house, but I prefer the fire pit. The fireplace is more of a statement piece, but you have to sit close to get the warmth of the fire. 
Like a lot of us this year, the finances aren’t going to allow for a ton of updates back here. The budget is tight. 🙂 But I do have one large project I hope to tackle next week, and we are planning on adding a few trees around the patio. 
I haven’t planted much (the rose bushes are sloooow going this year) but I hope to get more plants in the ground as well: 
Outdoor patio with eating and fire pit areas
When we add the trees, we’ll probably extend the mulch out in a few spots to soften things up a bit. 
I’m excited to get the trees so I can start some shade gardens again. I’ve missed my hostas! 🙂 Gardening is one of my passions and I haven’t done too much of it yet in this house: 
Modern Craftsman exterior and patio

I can’t wait to see how our pretty patio looks in a few months! We absolutely LOVE our backyard retreat!:

Backyard patio with fire pit modern Craftsman home

Do you have a patio or deck in your backyard? Have you been enjoying it lately? We’ve been especially grateful for it this year.

As promised, here’s a list of the items and projects you can find on the patio:


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