Elegant $2 DIY candle holders {using dollar store items!}

I’m continuing my dollar store candle DIYs with this beauty! You can see the snowy candles I shared earlier here
This is such a good one folks…I actually made these years ago and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to make them again! One of them broke a few years back and I never got to making a new match. 
I started over with two this time and they are so pretty! You’ll need two things from the dollar store — a glass candlestick and a glass cylinder candle holder: 
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You can use any glue that will adhere glass. There’s a few out there so just do what is easiest. This time I used this aquarium sealant I had from a past project: 
aquarium sealant to glue glass
Just few put a few little dabs along the top of the candlestick holder: 

how to make your own glass pedestal candles
And center the larger candle holder on top. Leave it alone to cure for the recommended time — my sealant said 24 hours so even though it was sticking fine within 20 minutes, I left them alone for awhile. 
There are so many possibilities with these candle pedestals! I threw a few together to show you the different options for Christmas. I used cinnamon stick filler and nestled a glass votive inside with a tealight candle: 
DIY dollar store pedestal candle
I love the simple look of some glittery berries too: 
DIY pedestal candles using dollar store supplies
This is where I must say — remember to never leave these unattended! If you want to use something like these berries I’d recommend a battery-operated candle — I was using what I had to share these options with you.
I had some pretty glittery strands that I put in the bottom: 
how to make your own pedestal candles
This simple one with a few sprigs of greenery is a favorite of mine!: 

DIY dollar store pedestal candle with greenery
I love the fake snow in the bottom — how pretty would that be with red candles? I wish I had red!: 
DIY dollar store candle with fake snow
I ended up using some gold sand I’ve had stored away — it’s so pretty!:
DIY dollar store candles with sand
I felt like the new stacked stone fireplace needed some candlelight and these are perfect!: 
stacked stone fireplace Christmas
These are super pretty with just the candle too! No need to add more — but it’s fun to dress them up for the holidays. 
At two bucks a pop you could make a ton for a beautiful centerpiece on a table or buffet! They really are so pretty: 
DIY stacked stone fireplace
This is one of my favorite dollar store DIYs! You can do so much with them! They’d be pretty and simple gifts too. Do you have any dollar store decor hacks you love?
Here’s an image to pin if you are interested in saving this project for later:
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