The Lexus LF-Z Electrified Interior as a Virtual Canvas

A footwear designer, an artist and fashion label all walk into a Lexus design studio…

It may sound like the start of a joke, but Lexus did in fact invite a trio of creatives well outside the realm of automotive design to imagine what the auto brand’s battery electric concept vehicle, the LF-Z Electrified, might look like once liberated from the constraints of both industry and safety standards. The blue sky results as explored by sneaker designer Salehe Bembury, digital artist Ondrej Zunka and Japanese fashion label Hender Scheme are all wild and wildly different…

Salehe Bembury
The footwear designer’s brightly colored virtual interior juxtaposes “machine and nature” with a unique use of speckled sandstone finishes and other natural tones introduced with the use of natural materials like cedar, cork and granite. Bembury’s approach borrows from his background in sneaker design, covering his seats with “hairy” suede and … Read the rest

Instant garage door makeover {faux carriage doors}

I’m always looking for easy exterior updates to make our home stand out from the rest. When you live in suburbia many of the houses can look similar — but there are so many ways to add some character and beauty without spending a ton of money.

This easy garage door update does just that! I’ve done this a couple times over the years and I’m always surprised at how much it really changes up the doors.
I loved our garage doors with their gray and white paint and trim:
But I knew this easy addition would make them even more beautiful.
You can buy metal garage door accents that give it a Craftsman or carriage door look, and they are super easy to install! Our home has a modern Craftsman exterior so I knew they would fit in beautifully.
I had to use hardware you attach with screws on
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The Ori Cloud Bed Table Edition Is a WFH Solution for Small Spaces

The Ori Cloud Bed, Table Edition gives off all appearances of a contemporary home office desk (or dining table), a surface that would naturally blend into an apartment, loft studio or even within a hotel room. It’s also a design harboring an impressive hideaway feature nobody would suspect until set into motion.

A follow-up to the brand’s Cloud Bed, Sofa Edition, this latest table edition operates with a similar push button ceiling drop mechanism that would make Kanye proud. The wall and ceiling unit houses either a queen or king sized Cloud Bed in a ceiling mounted position; at the push of a button the bed descends from the ceiling space while the table tucks down to floor level.

Designed for both residential and hospitality interiors, the transforming unit optimizes usable square footage by creating two spaces – a bedroom alongside a home office/dining room – all within … Read the rest

10 Kitchen Gadgets That Make Cooking More Fun

Looking for something to make cooking fun again after spending so much time at home in the kitchen lately? Us, too. Prepping, cooking and storing your food can be a bit more entertaining with some handy and user-friendly products. To help you out, we’ve selected 10 kitchen gadgets, all of which have brilliant design in common that’s been proven to WORK.

rolling trivets

Rolling Trivets by Eva Solo
A clever and fun piece of design, these trivets are easy to slide and magnets guarantee they grip the cookware they’re holding.

citrus juicer

Small Artisan Citrus Juicer by Verve Culture
Individually cast in sand, this recycled aluminum juicer will be a prized possession on your countertop for years and years to come.

kitchen blender

Beast Blender by Beast Health
If you’ve always thought that kitchen blenders were an eyesore, we have just the thing. The Beast is practically a sculptural work of art!

garlic press

Garlic Press by Eva Read the rest

Take a look inside our drawers {the ultimate laundry room organization!}

Well hello! We got out of town for a bit last weekend and it was great to get away for a few days! I was reminded when got home how much I love having our big, beautiful laundry room that I recently made over
When we travel it’s so nice to walk right in and empty the dirty clothes right out of the suitcases into the washer and hamper. This room works like a well oiled machine now that I’ve added so much storage! 
I wanted to show you how I’ve organized everything in the new cabinets on this wall:
As a reminder, here’s how this spot started — just a table for folding clothes: 
folding table in laundry

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Problem was, that surface was always covered with STUFF. 
We moved the upper cabinets from over the
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Floyd Launches The Sectional: A Modular Sofa for the Future

Detroit-based brand Floyd recently debuted The Sectional, an infinitely modular seating system that’s meant to last well into the future. Made in the U.S., the low-profile sofa was designed and engineered with real life in mind. Floyd’s goal is to provide you with a piece of furniture that never has to be discarded, and they’ve worked hard to make it so – it’s modular, adaptable, serviceable and high-quality, to all but guarantee it.

sectional sofa in living space

In all there are nine ultra-deep seat sections that can be combined to create endless configurations. The Sectional’s cushions are designed like a mattress, with three densities of foam that support and never sag. The frame that they’re affixed to is constructed from engineered wood and solid joints that help prevent squeaks and creaks. The Sectional is upholstered in a high-performance fabric that’s moisture-repellent, stain-resistant and easy to clean, but contains no hazardous chemicals. Nano-based technology … Read the rest

Void Matters Explores Just What It Is That Defines Shape

We first introduced Note Editions and their direct-to-consumer sales platform last summer with the Mallow Lounge Chair. This spring they’ve added a second exclusive product range, Void Matters. Launched in collaboration with Sancal, the furniture collection explores what defines shape – the form itself or the absence that surrounds it. Everyone now has the opportunity to purchase exclusive versions of the two chairs and sofas, a set of poufs and a table via Note Editions.


Based on an experiment rather than a brief, the pieces in the Void Matters family explore the relationship between positive and negative space. The result ended with the collection –– objects that are also functional furniture. The pieces are available in a range of finishes and upholstery options exclusive to Note Editions, and each is fitted with a fabric tag of certification.

armchair detail

“The idea was to put emphasis on nothing. Specifically, on … Read the rest

F5: Learn What Cristina Casanas-Judd Values Most About Human Connection

Cristina Casanas-Judd

Formerly a Set Decorator for feature film and TV, Cristina Casanas-Judd began her career on the hit series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy working alongside Thom Felicia. Almost nine years to the day, Cristina left the industry. It was for a good reason – to become co-founder with her husband, General Judd, of Me and General Design, a full-service architectural interior design studio based in Brooklyn. Cristina is fascinated with the human experience and how lives are transformed and elevated through design. With origins from Chile, her design ethos is rooted in minimal essentialism, layered with rich hues and textures offset with contrasting patterns and colors. Her inspiration results in a curation of custom pieces and personal expression that feels experienced and lived in. Outside of work, Cristina is a mom of two, has a French Bulldog named Thor and is a loyal friend, wife and maker of Read the rest

Everything You Need To Create a Cozy Backyard for Summer

Now that the days are longer and the weather is warmer, it’s the perfect time to consider refreshing your backyard set up so that it’s primed for future cozy hang outs with your family and friends, or even just for a party of one. There are lots of elements that make up a great outdoor space. From furniture and lighting to pools and pillows, we’ve gathered 14 items that will dress up your backyard so that you can spend all day (and all night) outdoors.

Helios Firebowl by Skagerak
Nothing says cozy like starting a fire and gathering around for late night chats, night cap drinks, and s’mores for the little ones (okay, most adults too). This cast iron firebowl is both a fireplace and a grill (it’s designed to provide optimal air flow for both firewood or charcoal) so it eliminates a piece of outdoor furniture in your … Read the rest

The Gozney Dome Professional Grade Outdoor Oven

We don’t believe we’re alone when we say our backyard has been both a haven and sanctuary for the past year. And with spring and warm weather returning, and with it hopes for safer times and small outdoor gatherings, our thoughts have veered toward entertaining outside. High on our want list: the Gozney Dome Grill, an intersection of old school wood fired cooking with a few tech upgrades, including dial-in controls engineered to speed and heat things up to restaurant-grade temperatures.

There are multitudes of outdoor wood fire ovens available on the market for roasting, steaming, baking and smoking, and they all generally operate in the same way, utilizing a combination of shape and material to create a dense cavity capable of retaining heat and radiating it over an even cooking area. Designed in collaboration with product development consultants IDC, the Gozney Dome stands out for its contemporary … Read the rest