The best small storage containers for all that tiny stuff!

Have you been purging and organizing in the new year? I recently decided to really tackle the garage for the first time since we moved in. I’ve gone through a few things here and there, but not really gotten down and dirty with the decluttering in there. 
It seems my tolerance for extra stuff in our house has decreased every year — so when I look through all of the items that I packed up and moved to this house 3 1/2 years ago, I’m surprised (and annoyed?) at how much I kept. It gets easier and easier to let go of things, that’s for sure! 
Getting rid of stuff and organizing what’s left makes me giddy. (Especially the getting rid part.) I still have at least a week of work ahead of me, but I hope to share everything I’ve done soon! 
Till then, I had to share these small containers that I am LOVING. (You know you’re into organizing when tiny storage bins make you that happy.) And then I figured I would recap some of my favorite ways to contain the STUFF — I’ve found some great options in the past couple of years!
These are all basic storage, but they are a great price and function really well. 
I started this garage organization journey a couple months ago when I reorganized all of our holiday decor into clear bins

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‘Tis a beautiful thing! 

The functionality is so much better, but it also looks so much cleaner and organized as well. (I still want to replace those two on the left with the matching bins…those are killing me inside. 😂) 
When I do anything, I need the function to work as well as the form looks. There is something to be said for the aesthetics of organization…a streamlined spot soothes me and makes me happy! That’s what I’ve been working on on the other side of the garage. 
But first, some of my other favorites! Working from big to small — I shared my favorite storage bins for cabinets and drawers last fall: 
perfect storage bins for cabinets and drawers

Goodness, I love them! They come in two different colors and tons of sizes. They are really great for cabinet drawers — but if you’re using them in an upper cabinet they also stack nicely. 
It’s hard to beat those prices too! I recently bought a few more for the garage storage. 
A couple years ago I found these tiny plastic containers that are perfect for craft items: 
small craft storage with lid
I use them for small craft supplies like beads and also for my sewing supplies. If you have small hardware like nails and screws that you’d like to group together, these are great! 
My latest find is my favorite so far. 😍 You’ll notice all of the options I’ve shared are clear. I’ve definitely become a fan of see-through storage in the past few years. For my smaller tools and hardware in the garage, I wanted something clear so I wasn’t searching to find small items that I need.  
I found these small containers at Michael’s and fell. in. love: 
small stackable storage for hardware
They have removable lids that snap on at the ends. I like that they fit perfectly snug up to each other when stored flat and are easily stackable as well: 
stackable clear storage bins
These are labeled as crayon and pencil cases, but the storage possibilities are endless! 
I’ve used mine to store all kinds of little stuff in the garage. I needed something shallow and these were perfect!: 
stackable clear bins for small items
Is there anything better than finding the perfect way to store something? I think not. 
BTW. Never need to buy another nail as long as I live. This is why I always say organization saves you money. 
I also grabbed these square storage containers at Micheals for bigger like items: 
small clear storage bins with lid
They were all on sale (40 percent off), but the stackable bins were only $1 and $2 to start!
I can’t wait to show you how different the garage is looking already! I love making a space work more efficiently. Do you love finding the perfect storage solution as much as I do? 
You can find all of my new storage find options below:  

Long clear stackable bin or a set of five here OR a set of 12 (you’ll find ways to use them all!)
I also found a taller stackable version here! (Would be great for card games!) 
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