The most satisfying "cleaning" tool ever!

Hello there! I’ve been hard at work on our back patio finishing up projects I’ve wanted to tackle for months (and years!). I’m so excited to show you what I’ve been up to, but first…I had to share the most satisfying “tool” I’ve ever used.

Have you ever watched power washing videos? I go into a trance — watching all that grime wash away is so soothing to me. It makes me happy. 😂

We’ve never had one, in the past I’ve rented one when we needed it. But our garage floor was already such a mess, so we decided to get a power sprayer a few months ago.

I didn’t want to mess with gasoline every time we used it. I wanted something I could plug in and use right away, so we went with an electric version:

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It’s the Greenworks 1800 PSI electric pressure washer. I found it at Lowe’s but it’s available online as well. I’ve always heard power washers that don’t use gas aren’t as powerful, but the reviews for this one were really good so we went for it. 
I used it on our driveway and garage floor and it did a great job — it didn’t get all of the grease stains off the garage floor but everything else came up well. Last week I decided to try it out on one of our outdoor rugs and the difference it made was worth sharing!
I didn’t realize how dirty this rug was until I started cleaning. Yikes!: 
How to power wash outdoor rugs
This thing rocks! Now that rug looks like the day I bought it! 
I used the washer on our other patio rug but that one wasn’t nearly as dirty: 
Easy way to clean outdoor rugs
I guess it makes sense — the striped rug is on the covered patio where we sit a ton. We eat and drink there more, and it doesn’t get rain to wash any dirt off. 
I took a quick video to show you how well it works: 

So satisfying right?? I could seriously watch that for hours. 
I wish I would have taken a before pic of the rug — I didn’t realize how dirty it was! Here’s how it looks now: 
Outdoor rug cleaning with pressure washer
This electric pressure washer is the easiest I found to use, and it was one of the least expensive. Well worth the money already! 
You can find this Greenworks washer online here. It has different settings and nozzles for different projects — from concrete to washing fences or your car. The power cord is really long so it’s easy to pull it around a big space. 
I’ve also heard you can use pressure washers on outdoor cushions. Of course make sure you use the correct setting when doing that. Also…wear shoes (no flip flops!) and don’t spray anyone or yourself with a pressure washer. I hear it’s not fun. 😉 
If you’re interested in anything pictured here, you can check the items out here: 

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